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Our understanding of the financial working and nuances of the solar industry has helped us model our business through our group companies and partners. We offer financial packages that include both debt and equity as part of our concept to completion services. Thus Solarsis is one among the select system Integration companies in India that provide financial assistance to its customers. Through our extensive contacts, both within India and through our partners in the international region, Solarsis facilitates various forms of financial aid to our customers with several lending agencies.

Rupees Denominated Loans: Solarsis assists its clients in formulating a customized financial plan for rupee denominated loans, with an appropriate combination of government and private loans.

Dollar Denominated Loans: Loans from foreign institutions generally come with much lower interest rates than domestic loans. Solarsis has long-standing relationships with many international financial institutions. This permits us to facilitate dollar denominated loans at very low interest rates, thereby providing significant savings for our clients.

Exim Bank Loans: Solarsis through its partners in USA, can facilitate loans from Exim banks of countries, where supplier products are manufactured. Exim banks provide various forms of assistance to supplier’s customers, which significantly lowering project costs for clients. These forms include:
  • Extending line of credit to export/import goods and services
  • Favourable term loans for setting up facilities, plants etc.

Solarsis is open to infusing equity into a company. Solarsis has tie ups with the country’s reputable private equity entities who can provide the necessary additional funding. In doing so, we help to ensure the short term solvency of our clients in demanding circumstances.