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System Integration
Solarsis offers ‘concept-to-completion’ services to its clients using Solar PV technology. Solarsis provides the following system integration services:

Solarsis will conduct a thorough appraisal of the selected site and determine the viability of the site for a solar power plant based on certain pre-determined parameters. Our team will also establish and assess the energy needs of the client and the potential of solar production.

Our team will perform a thorough analysis to define the component requirements (inverters, batteries, mounting structures, etc.) of our clients and provide a customized solution. We will optimize the system based on the site location, terrain, and incident radiation, for maximum output from the plant.

Solarsis handles the entire erection and commissioning process of the plant, including civil works and power evacuation.

Solarsis qualified and experienced team will manage the entire project. As part of our philosophy to use the best practices and processes on project management, online Progress of the project can be seen.

Solarsis also undertakes operational and maintenance activities of the plant that have been commissioned by us.